Video Conferencing Solutions

Digital LCD Displays PAD: Allows for easy screen sharing, perfect for meetings and presentations.

Outdoor LCD Displays

Solutions for Interactive Education


Share all types of educational materials like documents, pictures and videos. On screen annotation allows the teacher to create an interactive learning experience. Annotations include zoom gestures, rotate, move, cut and more.


With a variety of writing modes, the classroom takes on an interactive learning environment. Documents, slide presentations, pictures and other files can be displayed on the whiteboard. Results can be saved as pictures or PDF.

Training Institutions

Record videos live during the presentation. Available tools include writing, screen operation, teacher’s voice, etc. A great solution for any one absent on the day of the class or for distance learning.

High Brightness 450nits

Due to the SideView LED backlight design, the panel’s brightness is only 80~200cd/m2. Heating and cooling is uniformly distributed, increasing the backlight life-time to more than 50,000 hours.

Dual System

Easily switch between systems with our built-in Android and Windows system.

4K UHD & Multi-touch 10 Points

The IR 10 point touch screen makes writing more fluid and stable.

Support external 4K 12.0Megapixels camera with Super microphone

30′-60′ voice pick up range with echo and noise cancellation.

Feature 2: Support Dual System Switching

OPS Computer, easy maintenance, supports external device connection and touch

Feature 3: Hi-Fi Quality Speakers

Special six-speakers design, left and right channels, 360°sound system with outstanding sound quality

Feature 4: Clear Image with 4K UDH Resolution

178°:178°full-view, 450nits, High color saturation

Supports External 4K Camera with 12.0Megapixels

and Built-in Super Microphone (Optional)

Easy plug and play, convenient for communication and online video calls, built-in super microphone, voice pick up range at least 30′.

Stand Trolley (Optional)

Aluminum alloy design, height adjustable for different visual environments

Software features


PPT files can be directly shared to the big screen. You have the freedom to write on and make notes on all pages. Meanwhile different videos, audios and pictures can be inserted into the presentation. Our products are easy to control and all presentations are recordable.

Screen Share

Screen sharing is easy on our PAD screen. Share pictures, presentations, videos, and more. Our screen sharing feature allows you to communicate clearly and efficiently with your clients and coworkers.tion.

Interactive Class

Our All-In-One system is compatible with a variety of conference applications, including: Polycom, Cisco, HUAWEI, Mircosoft, QQ, and Skype.

Wireless Screen Share, Easy File Transfer

Whiteboard Software, Rich Writing Mode, Annotation, Zoom Cleaning

Meeting or Class could be recording with voice and video


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Digital LCD Displays

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