Outdoor Digital Signage Solutions

Commercial Pedestrian Street

Widely used as Time sharing and play public service advertising, brand information, self-service kiosk and so on.

Shopping Center

Remote controlling by Digital LCD Displays content management system, consumers can easily get the latest information

Bus Station

A comprehensive information service system is provided for satisfying the needs of all people to the traffic information


For displaying warnings& Traffic Report, high brightness screen makes the driver read the content more easier and clearer

Gas station

Status and price is timely updated for consumers, advertising display provides enormous economic benefit to the station.

Toll Station

All traffic violation of the passing car would be displayed, for reminding the drivers to deal with Peccancy

More models & LCM

Outdoor Wall-mounted LCD Display

Suitable for outdoor usage, with 3000nits High brightness and unique cooling system,the design helps to extend the model’s lifetime under all weather conditions. The thickness of casing is only 4cm.

Store-front Semi-Outdoor LCD Signage

Single side or Double side displays can be customized with 2500~3000nits, super slim bezel and 4cm thickness.

3000nits & IP65 LCD Open Frame

Digital LCD Displays’s LCM is patent designed with 3000nits, Waterproof IP65 & unique cooling system, which is more easier to be installed and maintained in your customized casing.

3500nits, Air-cooling, 8.5mm Slim design, Outdoor IP56

IP56 for Outdoor Usage in Heat, Cold, Rain, Snow and Dust

Reliable 24/7 Operation and Enhanced Android System Performance With a Quad Core CPU

High Brightness 3500cd/m2 With an Auto-Brightness Sensor for Visibility in Ambient Light Conditions

Industry-Leading Chassis Depth for an Outdoor Commercial Display Provides Installation Ease

Digital LCD Displays’ outdoor displays are certified to withstand the elements in outdoor environments, providing excellent visibility around the clock on the display, even in high ambient light conditions. Through our Information Publishing System (iDS6), you’ll be connected to the ecosystem for customized solutions and remote content management.

IP56 Level for Outdoor Usage

High Brightness With an Auto-Brightness Sensor

Embedded Information Publishing System

Temperature Management


Under the same sunshine day, Obviously Digital LCD Displays’s OAD-F55 hold the advantage. Only the brightness of panel higher than 3,500cd/m2 can helps the consumers to understand what advertisement you are showing to them. It makes a great influence on their experience and buying inclination.


Designed with AR-Glass, The panel of OAD-F55 is sunshine readable and enhancing its visibility. The frontal glass can withstand 100℃ with 100% Ultraviolet-proof function. It helps to prolong the panel life time.

Viewing Angle

Based on national standard, normal viewing angle is 120°/120°. In order to bringing better viewing experience for consumers, OAD-F55 uses industrial level panel with max 178°/178°, there’s more chance to catch their eyesight.

Slim Design

Break through the limitation of technology and space, even there are lots of internal accessories and spatial cooling system, however, Digital LCD Displays successfully worked out the Slim-design floor stand casing, the dimension would be only 1/2 of other vendors’ models.

Dust & Waterproof

Certified IP56 level for dust& waterproof, not only the metal casing is designed with waterproof, but also the internal power boards, PC boards are processed with waterproof material, can withstand high pressure water jet.


The other vendors almost provide IR Touch screen which couldn’t be used on a rainy day or water on it. Conversely, as customized with G+G water resistant touch screen, Digital LCD Displays’s 55inch outdoor signage could be touch on a rainy day or even water on the screen, and longer life time.

Easy Maintenance

The design of air-condition cooling system of other vendors’ outdoor signage is complicated and difficult to maintain which requires professional technicians. In comparison, Digital LCD Displays’ OAD-F55’s design more simple, customizing with special fan cooling technology and unique internal design. Moreover, 3500cd/m2’s brightness only consume 600w power, however the air-condition solution consumes you more than 1300w power.


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